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Skellefteå Game Park

Are you a game studio and want to be part of a community? We also run Skellefteå Game Park at Campus Skellefteå, the community for growing game studios. 



Partially furnished offices:

  • desk
  • chairs
  • wifi
  • printer
  • etc.
Conference rooms

Conference rooms

Access to conference rooms of various sizes. Fully equipped for video meetings. 

  • TV
  • webcam
  • white board


Our Bistro is the heart of our premises. This is where we meet over a cup of coffee, eat our lunch and hang out after work.

  • coffee is included
  • fruit is included


We are a part of Arctic Game that arranges a various kind of activities so you can build a stronger relationship with the games industry and game students. 

  • meet-ups
  • network activities
  • game nights
  • guest lectures
  • game jams
  • conferences


Skellefteå Game Park is a part of Skellefteå Innovation Park. This means that you also get access to the Innovation Park and all facilities there. 

During the first months you have a discount on the rent. Contact us for more information


Arctic Game

Arctic Game gives you a chance to enter the industry in many different ways – start studying a game education, start your own game studio, establish your company in our region or start working at one of the game companies within the Arctic Game community.

Arctic Game is a collaboration between Umeå, Skellefteå, Luleå and Boden. In this area there are about 75 game companies and studios and about 500 professionals working in this industry.

Since 2015 we have been building a strong games community to enable individuals and companies to thrive and grow, and now we are northern Europe’s fastest growing game cluster.

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