Skellefteå Innovation Park is used as a platform to stimulate the sharing of knowledge and create conditions for companies, products and services to grow. This is where academia, industry and the public sector meet to collaborate in order to accelerate the development of a more sustainable and innovative region. 


Entrepreneurs, organisations and companies who work closely with academia, industry or public sector have the ability to sit in our work space. Our venues includes a variety of shared and private environments, co-working, offices, meeting rooms, focus room, event arena, workshop studio and more. Complete office service, such as coffee, fruit, wifi and more is included.

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As a co-working tenant you choose your work space based on today's tasks. Let your creativity flow in our open spaces, concentrate in our quiet room or let the creativity flow in one of our lounge areas!


  • 3 200 sek/month, ex. VAT.*

    *rent adjustment takes place annually


We offer a handful fully furnished offices of 9 square meters to companies and actors who need to close the door on themselves. Choose between 1 or 2 desks and enjoy the high ergonomic standard!


  • 1 desk 5 750 sek/month, ex. VAT.*
  • 2 desks 6 150 sek/month, ex. VAT.*

*rent adjustment takes place annually

Event arena

Event arena

Try, learn and collaborate with others in our event arena, Stage of Innovation. This flexible environment can accommodate up to 40 persons and is perfect for seminars, workshops, mingle and lounge work. The plug-and-play equipment makes it easier than ever to host hybrid events.


  • Free of charge for all tenants.
Skellefteå Game Park

Skellefteå Game Park

Are you a game studio and want to be part of a community? We also run Skellefteå Game Park at Campus Skellefteå, the community for growing game studios. Here you also get access to kitchen, conference rooms, events etc. at Skellefteå Innovation Park. 


Great networks means great opportunities. That is why Skellefteå Innovation Park is used as a platform for meetings and collaborations. This is where you connect with people across industries, cultures and disciplines to create new innovative products or services in order to develop a more sustainable and innovative region.

Investors, business supporters, entrepreneurs or someone else - who would you like to connect with? 


What is a science park?

Science parks are globally described as meeting places between academia, industry and public sector. They bring people, ideas, knowledge and creativity together and does often constitutes a platform for major innovation and development projects. 

Science parks stimulates the sharing of knowledge and technology amongst universities, institutions, companies and markets. They support the creation and growth of innovation-based companies through incubation and spin-off processes and provides other value-added services together with high quality space and facilities.

The main aim of a science park is to facilitate growth for businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups.


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